Keys To RL work with leading safeguarding professionals to offer a range of consultancy services from industry experts to protect and enhance the knowledge of all within your sporting oerganisation

Consultancy Services

Safeguarding Audits

Full inspection of current processes, policies, and frameworks designed to highlight safeguarding risks within your organisation.

Sport Club Audits

We have several very experienced safeguarding auditors who are Safeguarding Panel Members for Sports Resolution.

Training & CPD

Face to face training to your organisation. Bespoke training to meet the specific needs of your staff and your sporting organisation.

Post Incident Review

Our consultants guide staff to reflect on an incident to promote critical thinking around best practice and safeguarding.

Independant Investigations

Our highly qualified consultants can carry out a thorough independent investigation on behalf of your sporting organisation.


We have a consultant trained in supervision. Supervision can take many forms depending on the needs of an individual.

Policy & Procedure Development

We develop your policies, tailoring them to your specific organisation, demonstrating your commitment to safeguarding.

Direct work with children

One of our consultants is trained to provide pastoral support with children, such as exploring children’s memories of events.

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